The Moron Test 2 App Reviews

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They just want to get money

Nothing compared to the first one. Excessive story and dead time. Very short, is like only one section of TMT 1. Then they ask you if you want to pay to get early access to episode 2. If not you have to wait until march. The only good thing is that some test change ( for example the sequence of buttons).


Hardy as good as the old one

like a drug

it is like a drug but episode 2 is not working correct


Not as good as vol1 but still great fun. Far too short!

Awesome and frustrating

I hope he will have expansion soon

Best game ever !

Really love this game !!! :) very funny

Moron Test !

Get this app the new update came out and its awesome... Cant wait for the next free update!! This game is fun... Watch your friends and fAmily fail when they play!!

Moron Test 2

Really fun!!!

Loved it until now!

I love the Moron Test however the latest version seemed too short. Either Im smarter than ever or....??!!


Crashes on iPhone 3GS. If they can solve that problem, Id recommend it.


The game in itself is pretty funny, but id recommend the first one more.

Not so good

The first game was definitively better than this one


Fun but a little short. Keep em coming!

Fun game!

This is a fun and addictive game. Looking forward to more levels! IMHO the first game is amazing too. Definitely worth the download!

Completely addictive

Before u know it an hour has pasted. Love it


I love the game!, get more levels soon please...


Lots of fun! Great entertainment


Thought the first moron test was spectacular, but the second one was nothing like the first, was this on purpose? Please go back to the fantastic method u used on the first it cannot be surpassed! The second was ho-hum!

Moron or what

Great fun. Me and my grown daughters had a ton of fun. Lots of teasing. Sure hope you get more levels VERY SOON.......the best game ever.

Amazing, fun, keep them coming!!

!!!!!!!! To much fun

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